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6th Grader...
Thanks Rudy...
Kennedy got (( MVP )) for the 8th grade tournament. She had a total of 53 points.  She had Five 3 pointers in one game.
J. Holterman

Coach de la Cruz,
Just wanted to share the news and thank you for the great job you and your staff did for my sons Patrizio and Santiago. They both developed great skills and have shown a progress we wouldn't imagine before coming to your sessions. Santiago tried out for an AAU team and made it, he's playing in their starting line up and have fixed the shooting habits you've pointed out. Patrizio made the 7th grade's A team and went all the way to win the District Championship. He also made the AAU club tryouts and is averaging a great deal of points per game. We all, (wife, sons and me) would like to thank you so much and congratulate you on everything you've done for the SA youth. Blessings.
Ernesto Loya

Hope all is well with you. Cody (18 points.. six 3-point shots) has started his first year as a varsity player at O'connor. Attached are some highlights from Monday's game vs Reagan. OC won in OT 56 to 54 ..  Game Film
Gary and Karen Farmer

Mr. De la Cruz ..
Luis has started his basketball season on varsity, playing forward.. His first game score 20 points and second game 28 points.. He is a well rounded player.. When I see him play with confidence and explosion, it reminds of a great job you did!!! We still talk about how valuable your lessons were on fundamentals And development...
Thank you .... 
P.s will see you soon with Emiliano , he is 10...
Marvin Rodriguez

Coach De La Cruz, good day I pray? :).
My wife and I want to thank you for the noticeable changes with the team dynamics workouts. They have truly made a significant difference. Marlena loves it even more that she sincerely wants to commit to the program beyond August. We were pleased when right after your announcement about your plans for the Sept and October team workouts she immediately came to us for approval to continue. We are very content that she is being pushed and challenged. (Keep pushing her even more lol) She thrives on such things.
Blessings and thank you for allowing me to just share.
Gabriel Cary

Hello coach De La Cruz
I'd just like to share with you that I got moved up to varsity for the playoffs and would also like to thank you for helping me achieve that goal
Jasmine Villanueva

I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure letting ABS be a part of Cody training since Sept of last year. We feel your encouragement and training techniques have helped immensely. He has shown so much improvement and continues to grow in the game of basketball. Please let Coach Ben know the same. Hopefully you can come see him play high school ball sometime at OConner. Again thanks for a great experience.
Gary and Karen Farmer

Hi Coach, Nick made the 7th Grade B Ball Team. He's the Point Guard on the A-Team :-) We want to thank you and your awesome coaches for the excellent 1 on 1 and Team Training for our son! See you soon...
Robert & Claudia Staley

Coach De La Cruz
I'm happy to let you know that Chelsea received a "Basketball" scholarship
to Texas A&M...Thanks for all your help!
Frances S

Good morning Rudy! Just wanted to let you know that Michael made the team! Thank you for all that you guys did for him. ABS was definitely instrumental, not only in his skill level but also in his confidence!
A. Hernandez

This has been a great experience for my son. He has never received such personal attention and expert teaching before. I highly recommend for anyone interested in improving there skills.
Gary Hall

Mr. Delacruz
Just wanted to let you know that Delisa had 5 threes in first game
Plz tell her instructors...Thx
Mrs. Bueno

Hi coach. Just to give you an update on Kylie Stamey. She made the 7th grade A team at Zachry Middle School. ...Thanks you!
Mr. Stamey

My son Allen made the freshman team. Thanks for all your help!

your program really helped her with improved skills and confidence!! Yesterday at practice she made 4 three pointers ! Thanks so much for making a difference.
M Fichtner

Stephanie had a great game today. She had 8 points, rebounds, played great defense. The coaches and parents couldn't stop saying how great she played. Thanks to you and your trainers for giving her the skills to be a better player!!!
E. Talamantes

Coach de La Cruz
Will led his team in scoring with 10 points last night. His outside shot is really improving.
K Buchman

Rudy ...
My son Allen made the team. I want to thank you for all your assistance.
Mr Shavers

Hey Coach
Krystan made the varsity team today.
Tony Gomez

Coach De La Cruz
I'm so thankful David has been taking lessons with you. He just shot three 3 pointers in a row in a tournament.
Mary Jane Verette

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Ariel. Not
only did she make the A team, her coach refers to Ariel as her go to girl.
Ariel's coach does not take her out of the game. Ariel said she
remembers you always telling them to have three ways to get around
your man. My husband and I would like to thank you again for giving
her the skills and most importantly, her confidence.
Mr and Mrs. Allen

Coach De La Cruz
JV Coach told Addison that he was an easy pick for the team.
Albert Alvarado

Coach De La Cruz
The first session Lexus took with you and the other coach was great! My husband and I liked the training and we were content with the training she received. I really wish we would have started her during the summer, but I have confidence in my daughter and know that she will succeed with your help. Thank you.
Liz Deluna

Coach De la Cruz,
I have been very pleased with Derrick's progress in his skills and confidence in his performance. I knew from the start we made the right choice when we first joined ABS, THANK YOU!
Criss Mckinnis

Dear Sirs,
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the time that you have given my son, Mikael Jaworski, he loved your program. We have recently been relocated to Arizona, and sadly had to leave San Antonio behind. As of yet I have not been able to find anything like the program you offered. I honestly don't believe I will. You have a fantastic program and if we could have moved you all with us, we would have. Thanks so much.
Elizabeth Louis-Ferdinand
and your basketball student , Mikael Jaworsk
Sahuarita, AZ

Hi Rudy,
I wanted to let you know that Tyler made the 8th grade basketball team at New Braunfels Middle School. Thanks so much for your great coaching that helped get him there. He’s thrilled and we’re very proud.
Deborah Wilson

Just wanted to let you know Courtney made the A TEAM!!! She was one of ten girls that got picked for the A Team, and the remaining 20 on B Team.. Your standout camp has helped her tremendously. Thank you for your time and patience. I want her to continue going to camp.
Nichole Roberts

ABS (Coach Rudy)
Thank you for all you have done for Alex. He has loved basketball from a young age, but did not become a player of the sport until middle school. Because of his late start, he struggled with tryouts and in the end; he did not make the A or B teams throughout his entire middle school experience. Alex was determined to tryout for his freshman year. He practiced and made great progress on his own, but we knew he needed the knowledge of an experienced coach who could give the time and attention needed to become a better player. After two and a half short months in your program, Alex became confident and consistent. With your guidance, Alex changed right before my eyes! He is now able to execute his basketball IQ instead of sitting on the sidelines watching and knowing what to do. The first week of school, Alex had basketball tryouts. We are pleased to say, that with your help, Alex was selected for his freshman team. He is now on the court and executing his new found skills like nobody’s business.

Thank you ABS and we will be back soon to keep him strong!
Lynn Borbon

I think what you do for the San Antonio youth is inspiring. Having played
in college as well, and growing up playing AAU and YBOA, the special attention
you give these kids will make all the difference when colleges come knocking.

With sincere enthusiasm,
T. Villanueva
Recreation Specialist

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"I was extremely impressed with your clinic" "Both my husband and I liked your coaching style and Tyler enjoyed your program." "We are confident that you provided him with all the tools he needs to make the team"

"Our daughter received the player-of-the-week for her game

"After your lessons, my son won two area 6th grade shooting contests"

"Your small group sessions are dynamic"

"With only one session, we see a big difference"

"Your 1-on-1 shooting lessons made my child a better player...thanks!"

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